Wednesday June 30, 2010
BIRMINGHAM are through to the Knockout Cup semi-finals after romping to a 59-31 win over Somerset at Perry Barr.

The BRC Roofing Brummies will now face Newcastle on dates to be agreed after a solid all-round effort.

Richard Sweetman (16+1) was in brilliant form and former Brummies man Kyle Legault (10+3) earned praise from fans for his efforts at reserve as a guest replacement for the injured Chris Kerr.

Birmingham took control of the meeting with three successive 5-1 maximums in Heats 5, 6 and 7 as they put the Rebels to the sword.

Shane Parker was the first Somerset race winner in Heat 10 which underlined how dominant the Brummies proved to be.

Birmingham boss Graham Drury said: "We’re into July now and we’re still in every competition which is tremendous for Birmingham Speedway.”

BIRMINGHAM: Richard Sweetman 16+1, Jason Lyons 13+1, Kyle Legault 10+3, Justin Sedgmen 10+2, Steve Johnston 10+2, Robert Branford 0.

SOMERSET: Shane Parker 8, Sam Masters 5, Corey Gathercole 5, Jake Anderson 4+2, Ritchie Hawkins 4+1, James Holder 4, Christian Hefenbrock 1+1.

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