Sunday June 20, 2010
BIRMINGHAM'S hopes of reaching the Premier Trophy Final are still very much alive - and their semi-final is set for an explosive conclusion at Perry Barr on Wednesday.

The BRC Roofing Brummies worked hard after a nightmare start at Rye House to limit the hosts to a 13-point margin of victory, which will need to be pulled back when they return to home soil.

Veterans Jason Lyons and Steve Johnston were key to the Brummies' damage-limitation from 8-22 down, with Johnston winning a tactical ride in Heat 9 and there was also a key victory for Aaron Summers one race earlier.

Brummies trailed by 15 with three heats to go and the tie could have slipped away - but Lyons won both Heats 13 and 15, with Johnston third in the latter as they were just split by Linus Sundstrom - and with Richard Sweetman having won Heat 14 after Kyle Newman was controversially disqualified, the visitors actually gained ground in those closing races.

Supporters are reminded that the second leg on Wednesday starts at 8pm prompt, and a thriller is in prospect as the Brummies try to pull back the deficit.

RYE HOUSE 54: Kyle Hughes 13, Linus Sundstrom 11+2, Chris Neath 10+1, Jordan Frampton 10, Luke Bowen 5+3, Stefan Ekberg 5+3, Lee Strudwick 0.

BIRMINGHAM 41: Jason Lyons 12, Steve Johnston 11, Richard Sweetman 6, Aaron Summers 5+1, Paul Clews 3, Justin Sedgmen 2+1, Kyle Newman 2+1.

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