Wednesday July 28, 2021
BIRMINGHAM co-owner David Mason has warned next Wednesday’s Perry Barr clash is make-or-break for the future of the club.

Mason has revealed the club are on the brink after a series of shocking attendances since the relaunch of the sport in May.

They have been suffering heavy financial losses and if fans don’t return in bigger numbers it will spell the end of the club unless any financial help comes forward.

He said: “If the fans don’t turn out next Wednesday, we may have to shut the doors!

“The restrictions have dramatically affected the finances of the business and we are losing significant amounts money every time we open our doors.

“Next Wednesday is one last chance for the people of Birmingham and surrounding areas to show they want speedway at Perry Barr.

“Kent include the legendary Scott Nicholls and there are suggestions of a new signing heading their way too.

“We thank our hardcore supporters who have turned out every week to support the club but we need you to get behind us and even if that means bringing relatives or friends next week.

“My focus will be more on whether we can sustain this business rather than the performance of the team which is very good. We now have cash admission on the night back for fans and there really is no excuse from here.”

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