Wednesday October 28, 2009
BIRMINGHAM slipped to a 48-45 defeat at the hands of Stoke in the last Perry Barr outing of the season on Wednesday.

The M6 Trophy clash provided plenty of top class racing which entertained the big crowd - and Birmingham blew a big lead.

With only five races remaining the Perry Barr side were 14-points up at 37-23 after a fine display of determined action.

But the Potters bounced back in fine style with a stunning 8-1 from Ben Barker, in for the absent Jason Bunyan, and Jesper Kristiansen who was too sharp for Richard Sweetman.

Klaus Jakobsen was a shock winner of the next ahead of Ludvig Lindgren and with Chris Kerr crashing out the visitors were back within five-points.

Stoke enjoyed a 5-1 maximum from the impressive and entertaining Sam Simota and Ben Barker which made the score 41-40.

And Barker and Simota won the meeting with a last race maximum over Kerr and Lindgren in Heat 15 - but with all the farewells the meeting seemed to be an after-thought.

BIRMINGHAM: Chris Kerr 12, Ludvig Lindgren 8+2, Jason Lyons 8, Paul Clews 7+1, Richard Sweetman 4+1, Lee Smart 3+2, Rusty Harrison 3+1.
STOKE: Ben Barker 17+1, Sam Simota 10+1, Lee Complin 7+1, Jesper Kristiansen 5+2, Klaus Jakobsen 5, Henning Loof 3, Tom P Madsen 1+1.

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