Wednesday September 16, 2009
BIRMINGHAM'S long-term future is set to be decided on Thursday - but on-track, their bid for the 2009 Premier League title has now come to an end.

Edinburgh's deserved away win leaves the BRC Roofing Brummies eight points behind King's Lynn, and even if all remaining match results went their way the current points difference of 230 in the Stars' favour means several freaks of mathematics would be required to turn it around.

Brummies appeared collectively off-colour, not helped by a controversial disqualification for Jay Herne in Heat 2 when he was adjudged to have caused Byron Bekker to fall.

Lee Smart and skipper Jason Lyons both took heavy knocks but continued riding, and in a match which lacked 5-1s, Edinburgh made the crucial breakthrough thanks to Kevin Wolbert and flying reserve Aaron Summers in Heat 12.

That left the home side with too much to do, Summers wrapping up the Monarchs' win on the night in Heat 14, and the visitors went on to take maximum points from the match thanks to a mechanical failure for Tomasz Piszcz in Heat 15, which rather summed up the Brummies' night.

BIRMINGHAM 41: Jason Lyons 11, Tomasz Piszcz 10, Richard Sweetman 8+1, Rusty Harrison 4+1, Ludvig Lindgren 4+1, Lee Smart 3+1, Jay Herne 1+1.

EDINBURGH 49: Aaron Summers 13+1, Kevin Wolbert 12+1, Ryan Fisher 12, Michal Rajkowski 6+1, Matthew Wethers 5+1, Byron Bekker 1, Max Dilger 0.

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