Wednesday July 22, 2009
BOTTOM club Glasgow turned the Premier League table upside down with a dramatic last-gasp victory in another Perry Barr thriller.

It was the BRC Roofing Brummies' first home defeat of the season in the league, and it was easy to see where several points had been thrown away throughout the evening.

But credit should also go to the visitors, whose team is much improved of late, with recent signing William Lawson and Aussie youngster Josh Grajczonek particularly impressive.

Brummies' early six-point lead was cancelled out mainly thanks to a shock Glasgow 5-1 in Heat 6 when Mitchell Davey was team-ridden around by captain Shane Parker.

The home side managed to go four points up again with a battling Lee Smart securing a series of vital second and third places on his return to the Brummies team.

But Grajczonek kept the Tigers in touch by defeating Jason Lyons in Heat 11, and the Tigers went in front in a spectacular Heat 13 when Lyons and Tomasz Piszcz both overtook Parker, only for Lyons to fall on the last lap when chasing James Grieves, and then Parker re-passed Piszcz.

Brummies levelled with a 4-2 in Heat 14 from Richard Sweetman and Smart, and they certainly went into the last race with a fighting chance of snatching the win.

But Parker came up with the best start in the finale, and although Sweetman moved into second spot, Grajczonek rode with great maturity to hold Lyons at bay and start the Glasgow celebrations.

BRUMMIES 44: Richard Sweetman 10+1, Ludvig Lindgren 9+1, Lee Smart 8+2, Jason Lyons 7, Tomasz Piszcz 6, Jay Herne 3, Robert Ksiezak 1+1.

GLASGOW 46: William Lawson 13, Shane Parker 11+2, Josh Grajczonek 9+1, James Grieves 8, Mitchell Davey 4, Lee Dicken 1, Ross Brady r/r.

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