Friday June 12, 2009
BIRMINGHAM'S fortunes continue to be upwardly mobile - after a brilliant performance to secure their first away win of the season.

The BRC Roofing Brummies returned from Scunthorpe with three Premier League points from a meeting which they controlled for long spells thanks to a fine all-round effort.

Exciting Swedish teenager Ludvig Lindgren again showed his liking for the Eddie Wright Raceway circuit and shared in all three of the visitors' 5-1s.

The first of those was in the opening heat of the night as Lindgren and skipper Jason Lyons got the better of home No.1 Magnus Karlsson, although the early stages remained close after the Scorpions' reserves took a 5-1 of their own in Heat 2.

Robert Ksiezak (tape-breaking) and Lyons (fall) both suffered setbacks, but the Brummies regained the advantage with a 5-1 in Heat 8 when Richard Sweetman overtook Jerran Hart to team up with Lindgren, and then it was Lyons and Lindgren who both passed David Howe in Heat 11.

Brummies went ten-up with a 4-2 in Heat 12 and the Scorpions were limited to just a 6-3 in Heat 13 with Magnus Karlsson winning a tactical ride, but Tomasz Piszcz and Lyons maintaining second and third places - and it was Piszcz's first defeat of an impressive display.

The win was secured with a 3-3 in Heat 14 with Ksiezak and Sweetman following Carl Wilkinson home, although the Scorpions gained some consolation with a 5-1 in Heat 15.

Piszcz fell on the third bend, bringing Wilkinson and Lindgren down with him, and that left Lindgren needing to win the re-run for the Brummies to take all four points from the meeting. Karlsson and Wilkinson, though, had the final say - but the Brummies and their travelling fans were still more than content with the outcome.

SCUNTHORPE: Magnus Karlsson 14, Carl Wilkinson 13+1, Jerran Hart 7+1, David Howe 5, Nick Simmons 3+2, Simon Lambert 2+1, Viktor Bergstrom 1.

BRUMMIES: Ludvig Lindgren 11+1, Tomasz Piszcz 11, Manuel Hauzinger 8+2, Jason Lyons 7+1, Richard Sweetman 5+2, Robert Ksiezak 4, James Cockle 2.

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