Sunday April 26, 2009
IT was heartbreak in the South Wales sunshine with Birmingham eventually going down to a 50-40 Premier Trophy defeat at Newport.

For much of the meeting there was little to choose between the two teams and the Brummies may have even fancied their chances of picking up an away win, but the Wasps finished the stronger side in what was a keenly fought and entertaining meeting.

It was actually Birmingham who went in front early on with Jason Lyons and Richard Sweetman racing to a 4-2 in the opening race, but the scores were soon level when Newport replied in heat 2.

Back came the visitors with Ludvig Lindgren and Robert Ksiezak notching up another four-points in heat 3, but the Welsh side came roaring back to lead 16-14 following the completion of a thrilling heat 5 battle between Paul Fry and Lyons.

Birmingham were not to be overwhelmed though, as a Lindgren and Ksiezak maximum in heat 7 put them into a 22-20 lead, but with Sweetman excluded for bringing down Chris Kerr in heat 8, it left the American and James Holder to level it up with a 4-2 in the re-run.

Unfortunately for the Brummies that was a close as they were to get for the remainder of the afternoon, as a series of late 4-2s put the Wasps into a 46-38 lead going into the final race.

The only thing left now in heat 15 was to try and keep the scoreline within a six-point margin to gain a consolation point, but sadly despite an encouraging start by Lyons and Lindgren, an in-form Brent Werner went past the visiting pair on the first two bends and the opportunity was gone.

NEWPORT 50: Brent Werner 11, Jordan Frampton 10, James Holder 9, Chris Kerr 7+1, Mark Lemon 6+1, Paul Fry 5, Kyle Newman 2
BIRMINGHAM 40: Jason Lyons 12, Ludvig Lindgren 8, Tomasz Piszcz 7, Robert Ksiezak 5+1, Jerran Hart 4, Richard Sweetman 2+1, Ben Taylor 2

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