Friday April 03, 2009
LUDVIG Lindgren had his best night in Brummies colours, but unfortunately he couldn’t stop them from going down to a 53-41 defeat at Scunthorpe on Friday evening.

The Swede registered three race wins in his 14-point tally, but Tomasz Piszcz (9+1) and Jason Lyons (7) apart, Birmingham had no real answer to what was a very solid performance by the home side.

There wasn’t much to choose between the two teams in the early heats, but two quick-fire 5-1s from the Scorpions did see them eventually open up a 23-13 advantage after six races.

Lindgren donned the black and white helmet as a tactical ride in heat 7 and teamed-up with Piszcz for a 5-3 behind race winner Magnus Karlsson, but the joy was short-lived as further heat advantages put Scunthorpe 35-21 up after heat 9

Piszcz and Lindgren hit back for the visitors with a 4-2 in heat 10, but Lyons’ tactical ride in heat 11 could only yield four-points as the Brummies skipper had to play second-fiddle to the impressive Karlsson.

The Scorpions further increased their lead to 49-33 when Karlsson and David Howe romped to a 5-1 over Lyons in heat 13, but Lindgren and Piszcz did at least make sure the night finished on a high for Birmingham with a five-pointer over Bergstrom and Karlsson in heat 15.

SCUNTHORPE 53: Magnus Karlsson 11, Viktor Bergstrom 9+2, Carl Wilkinson 9+1, Simon Lambert 8+1, David Howe 8+1, Byron Bekker 6+2, Jerran Hart 2
BIRMINGHAM 41: Ludvig Lindgren 14, Tomasz Piszcz 9+1, Jason Lyons 7, Robert Ksiezak 4, Ben Taylor 3, Richard Sweetman 3, Marek Mroz 1

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