Thursday March 19, 2009
BIRMINGHAM launched the new Speedway season in style with Polish Grand Prix superster Seb Ulamek winning the Alan Hunt Memorial Trophy for the first time.

Ulamek, a firm favourite down the road at Coventry during his time with the Bees, secured the prestigious title with an impressive ride in the last race to oust his rivals.

And one of the chief rivals was BRC Roofing Brummies skipper Jason Lyons who saw his hopes dashed by a week end to the meeting afetr opening with three straight wins.

He had to be content with the bronze medal after losing to fellow Aussie Shane Parker in a run-off for second spot.

Ulamek was, in contrast, pure class in his final three outings with a perfect nine-point score to secure the win.

Apart fron Lyons, it was an unspectacular night for Birmingham riders with new signings Ludvig Lindgren (6), Richard Sweetman (5), Robert Ksiezak (4) and Marek Mroz (2) all finding their feet.

SCORERS: Seb Ulamek 13, Shane Parker 12, Jason Lyons 12, Andre Compton 9, Claus Vissing 9, David Howe 8, Tomasz Piszcz 8, Josef Franc 8, David Howe 8, Phil Morris 7, Ben Barker 6, Ludvig Lindgren 6, Richard Sweetman 5, Robert Ksiezak 4, Marek Mroz 2, Ben Taylor 1.

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