Sunday September 28, 2008
BIRMINGHAM crashed to a 52-41 defeat at the hands of newly-crowned Premier League champions Edinburgh in the Premier Trophy Final.

James Birkinshaw, who has suffered a long line of injuries this season, was involved in an awkward crash in Heat 6 and was ruled out of the rest of the meeting. Thankfully he was able to return to the stadium later.

The BRC Roofing Brummies quickly dropped twelve points down although Tomasz Piszcz managed to double up a win as a tactical ride in Heat 8, and skipper Jason Lyons won one of the best races of the season against Ryan Fisher in Heat 9, passing the American star on the last bend.

Another highlight was Lyons and Taylor team-riding to an excellent 5-1 in Heat 12, but the Monarchs' all-round strength saw them move clear again in the closing stages to lift the trophy.

BRUMMIES: Jason Lyons 12+1, Craig Watson 12+1, Tomasz Piszcz 11, Ben Taylor 5, James Birkinshaw 1+1, Kyle Legault r/r.
EDINBURGH: Ryan Fisher 17, William Lawson 9+2, Aaron Summers 8+2, Derek Sneddon 7, Andrew Tully 6+2, Matthew Wethers 5+1, Thomas H Jonasson r/r.

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