Sunday August 24, 2008
BIRMINGHAM pulled off an astonishing comeback to snatch a victory over Sheffield which barely appeared possible.

The BRC Roofing Brummies trailed by nine points with four heats to go and had been reduced to four riders as both James Cockle and Jack Roberts crashed out.

But Jason Lyons scored another 15-point maxium, Craig Watson dropped just one point and Tomasz Piszcz showed exactly why he was brought into the team with a thrilling performance - culminating in a Heat 15 5-1 with Lyons to win the match.

Birmingham's first injury problem came in Heat 7 when Cockle fell under Joel Parsons' challenge and was withdrawn with soft tissue damage to his neck.

In the very next race Roberts - riding a borrowed bike from Lyons - fell heavily on the second bend, and the Tigers took full advantage with a 5-1.

Roberts took no further part due to a burn, and disaster struck for the home side in Heat 10 when, fielding only one rider, Piszcz crashed on turn two to hand Mark Lemon and Parsons a 5-0.

Piszcz did his best to make amends by doubling-up third place as a tactical substitute in Heat 12, and that 5-2 race result was crucial to the outcome of the meeting.

Piszcz combined with Craig Watson for maximum points in Heat 13 to keep the Brummies in with a shout, and the Pole took another crucial win in Heat 14.

Birmingham won the toss for Heat 15 gates, taking one and three, and Lyons and Piszcz successfully sandwiched Lemon and forced Ben Wilson wide to complete an amazing turnaround.

BIRMINGHAM: Tomasz Piszcz 15+2, Jason Lyons 15, Craig Watson 13+1, Jay Herne 3, Jack Roberts 0, James Cockle 0, Kyle Legault r/r.

SHEFFIELD: Mark Lemon 11, Ben Wilson 9+1, Joel Parsons 7+4, Paul Cooper 7+1, Ben Powell 5+3, Kyle Hughes 5, Ricky Ashworth r/r.

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