Thursday January 13, 2022
The consortium are aware that, at the public meeting in November, we said that a further meeting would be held in December or January.

However, in view of the current situation with the Omicron variant of Covid, we do not feel that this would be sensible – particularly in view of the vulnerability of some of our supporters.

We aim to hold another meeting before the start of the season, provided the virus allows it but, in the meantime, are keeping everyone up to date as far as we can with what is happening and will continue to do so.

We would like to thank the Supporters’ Club who have recently donated £1,500, raised from the sale of 50/50 tickets at meetings, to purchase three air fence bags.

This is very welcome as the whole air fence has to be replaced before the start of the season. They have also pledged to continue raising money for this purpose.

We would also like to thank those supporters who expressed an interest in purchasing shares and pledged money towards this.

Although, for legal reasons, we were unable to sell shares as originally intended, almost all those who expressed an interest have confirmed they still wish to continue but as ‘Friends of Birmingham Speedway’ with all benefits other than share ownership remaining.

To date this has brought in over £8,000 which is earmarked to pay for the remedial work to the track, servicing the tractors and replacing the pit gates.

If anyone else is interested in being a ‘Friend of Birmingham Speedway’, they would be more than welcome and please contact Tracey Smith on 07837-327333 or by e-mail at

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