Thursday October 25, 2007
BIRMINGHAM will have to pull-back an eight-point deficit in Sunday’s Young Shield Final second leg, after going down to a 49-41 defeat in the first leg on Thursday night at Redcar.

And it look’s as if they’ll have to go into the season finale without Phil Morris, who was taken to hospital with a suspected chipped coccyx after a clash with Bears star Chris Kerr in heat 11.

Morris’ accident was the turning point of the meeting as the Brummies were leading 33-27 prior to the incident, but the home side hit back with a 5-1 in the re-run which gave them the platform to stage a late fight-back

A further five-pointer from Kerr and Redcar skipper Gary Havelock followed in heat 13 and, a 4-2 in heat 14 put Redcar into a 44-40 lead with one race remaining.

Brummies skipper Jason Lyons had only dropped two points going into the final heat, but despite the Australian’s best efforts, he couldn’t stop James Grieves and Havelock finishing off the night with a 5-1, which leaves things evenly-poised going into Sunday’s deciding leg at Perry Barr.

REDCAR: James Grieves 15, Chris Kerr 13, Gary Havelock 11+3, Daniel Giffard 6+2, Jack Hargreaves 4, Joe Haines 0, Matt Tresarrieu R/R

BIRMINGHAM: Jason Lyons 13+1, Shaun Tacey 9+1, Jason King 8, Lee Smart 4+1, Phil Morris 4+1, Barrie Evans 3+2, Manuel Hauzinger R/R

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