Monday July 01, 2019
FORMER Birmingham league winner Danyon Hume is back at the club as part of a double switch.

He is joined by Danish prospect Nick Agertoft - who arrives at Perry Barr highly recommended by three-times World Champion Erik Gundersen.
It means Zach Wajtknecht, who took a break from the sport last month, has now officially been replaced with Nathan Stoneman the unlucky rider to make way.
Edwards Plumbing Brummies co-owner David Mason said: “It was a tough one with Nathan because his attitude has been spot on.
“He has also had some really good scores in his short time with us - but he’s simply a victim of that harsh old numbers game and because we had a couple of points to play with with the way the new averages work, we decided to use some of them.
“We’ve been clear from the start that we looked at several options - but the demands of some of the riders we spoke to could’ve damaged the club financially.
“So we had to hit reset almost and we’ve gone back to a rider we looked at at the start of the year.
“Nick comes in on a five point average and Erik Gundersen can’t speak highly enough of him - and we’d like to think he knows a good Speedway rider when he sees one after everything he’s achieved in the sport!
“He’s been to Perry Barr a few times already, including Press and Practice day this year and his style, the speed he showed, his equipment, his eagerness to learn - everything about him has impressed us the few times we’ve met him.
“Don’t get me wrong it is another gamble - but one we’re assured will be worth taking.
“As for Danyon I’m guessing that should prove popular.
“We were slated by some for not including him in our team at the start of the season so it should make the majority of our supporters happy to have him back.
“He loves Birmingham, he won the league here a couple of years ago and he’s been showing some really good form in the meetings he’s had so far this year.
“Both boys are itching to get going and I think they’re going to slot into the current group nicely.”
Both will make their debut in Wednesday’s home fixture against Glasgow (7.30).

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