Wednesday April 24, 2019
BIRMINGHAM have reluctantly postponed tonight's (Wednesday) scheduled league opener against Leicester.

Brummies co-owner David Mason said: "It's been a really tough decision to make because we were anticipating one of, if not the highest crowd of the season tonight.

"But we've been studying several weather forecasts over the past 24-hours or so and sadly it's worsened each time we've looked.

"There's torrential rain and thunderstorms expected constantly between 2pm and 7pm with the worst of that coming in from 5pm.

"That would then impact heavily on the track and we don't want to let people through the turnstiles knowing that the track might not be in a fit state for racing.

"We know it's a big call to make so early on and it's a very frustrating situation to be in for the first time since taking over as owners.

“But we hope by making this early call it will minimise inconvenience for all riders, staff and supporters."

A new date will be announced in due course.

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