Thursday February 07, 2019
BIRMINGHAM will launch their 2019 campaign against local rivals Wolverhampton.

The two will go head-to-head at Perry Barr on Wednesday, April 3 (7.30) as Brummies’ co-owner David Mason stages his Farewell meeting in the second city.

‘Magic’ retired from racing as part of Birmingham’s National League side at the back end of 2017.

And Mason has now been awarded a farewell fixture as he officially brings the curtain down on a racing career which began in 1995.

“Even though I’ve now gone a full season without racing it’s crazy to think that this will be it once for and all,” Mason said.

“It’s unbelievable how quickly the time has passed but I’m proud of the racing career I had and I’ve got plenty of fond memories.

“I was fortunate enough to win some trophies along the way and like I say I’ve had some really good times over the years.

“Now me and the team are preparing for my farewell meeting and it will be a nice way to start what is going to be a big season for Birmingham.

“Normally these meetings are individuals, but I wanted to give something back to the Birmingham supporters.

“They were great with me in my final season as a rider and since I took over as co-owner last season they’ve been absolutely brilliant.

“I know how much local rivalry means in the Midlands and what better way to start an exciting year than against Premiership opposition in Wolverhampton.

“Chris Van Straaten (Wolverhampton promoter) is someone you have to admire for everything he’s done for the sport over the last three decades or so and our paths have crossed on a number of occasions down the years.

“I was thrilled when Chris called and wanted him and his Wolves team to be a part of my farewell and like I say it gives both sets of supporters a chance to see their new-look sides for the very first time.

“Ash Morris will be riding for Wolverhampton as they are his parent club, but I’m currently in the process of booking a star guest to ride for Birmingham - so that’s one for everyone to keep their eyes out for.”

Admission details will be announced in due course and anyone interested in sponsoring the event should e-mail commercial@birmingham-speedway.com or call 07746 774485

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