Thursday December 20, 2018
BIRMINGHAM have completed their Championship line-up for 2019 by handing a return to James Shanes.

The 21-year-old joined the Brummies as a mid-season signing earlier this year and proved to be a massive hit with supporters.

Shanes also impressed club bosses - so much so that he’s been named captain for Birmingham’s return to second tier racing.

Team boss Laurence Rogers said: “Shanesie was an absolute delight to work with this year and we simply had to have him back at Birmingham in 2019.

“He rides the Perry Barr track so well, he gained experience at this level with Sheffield this year and we believe he is really going to kick on next season.

“We felt he would make an ideal captain as well; he’s a real team player, he’s already well known at the club and we really do think he’ll revel in his new role.

“There’s hardly any concern regarding fixture clashes; he’s putting Speedway at the forefront of his racing next season plus we’ve got a list of the dates where grasstrack and longtack commitments would have to take priority.

“So we can work our fixtures accordingly and that’s important because he’s going to be a key member of our team - especially with him starting at reserve where we feel he can be a real ace in the pack.”

Shanes himself is delighted to be back with the club and admits being handed the captaincy was unexpected.

“I was absolutely stunned to be honest with you,” Shanes said.

“It’s only going to be my second proper year in the Championship so I wasn’t expecting it at all.

“To be handed a return meant enough but to be asked to be captain of the club as well really is something special to me.

“Perry Barr is a track I’ve always loved and Birmingham is a club I now love as well.

“Everyone there, whether it be the management, staff or supporters are amazing and it’s going to be good to move with them into the Championship.

“I think we’ve got a really solid side that will surprise a few people and I can’t wait to work with the group of riders we’ve got.”

Birmingham Brummies 2019: Ulrich Ostergaard, Kyle Newman, Ashley Morris, Zach Wajtknecht, Tobias Thomsen, James Shanes, Paco Castagna.

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