Thursday December 06, 2018
BIRMINGHAM have named local lad Ashley Morris as their second signing for their new era in the Championship.

The Wolverhampton born racer has agreed to join the Brummies after three seasons with Newcastle.

Morris represented Birmingham in the inter-league challenge with Peterborough at Perry Barr in September - and club owner David Mason has told how the 24-year-old impressed him that night.

“I’d only seen him a couple of times before to be honest with you but in that challenge meeting, for me he was one of the standout riders,” Mason said.

“He scored nine paid 11 and he beat some damn good riders such as Ricky Wells and Paul Starke.

“So that bodes well going forward and I’ve heard plenty of good things about his attitude and the way he adapts himself off the track too.

“He’s coming off the back of a solid season for both Wolverhampton in the Premiership and Newcastle in the Championship and I’m sure he’ll prove to be a popular signing.”

Meanwhile Morris himself reckons the move to Perry Barr could be good for his career.

“Don’t get me wrong Newcastle have been brilliant for me at this level for the past few years and they’ve been part of the reason I’ve progressed like I have done,” he said.

“But this was just a move that really appealed to me and I’m really looking forward to riding for a new club.

“I haven’t done too many meetings there but whenever I have been to Perry Barr I’ve always really enjoyed myself.

“Last time I was there was the challenge fixture with Peterborough earlier this year and I felt I had a really good night on that occasion.

“I was happy with my score, I beat some good riders who I’ll be coming up against in the Championship next season and that gives me a lot of confidence signing for the club.

“I know I’m capable of beating anyone in the league on my day and if I put the work in over the winter and take the opportunity with both hands then I can’t see any reason why I can’t keep improving because I’ve got a lot more still to give and hopefully I can prove that with Birmingham.

“I’ve been really encouraged by the promotion and all their positivity since we started talking about potentially getting my to Perry Barr.

“Plus it’s local for me as well so I think this could be a really positive move for my career.”

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