Thursday September 27, 2018
BIRMINGHAM skipper Tom Bacon says he won’t let a broken back ruin his promising career.

The 25-year-old suffered a burst fracture of his L2 vertebrae while riding for the Edwards Plumbing Brummies earlier this month - but is already talking about preparations for the 2019 season.

Now back at his Coventry home, Bacon has spoken about his injuries for the first time and has revealed how much worse things could have been.

“When you hear the paramedic say that they need to get you to hospital just making sure you’re moving your limbs you know it’s quite serious,” he told.

“Because of where I’d hurt myself the worry is always about your spinal chord.

“Thankfully I avoided that and this is something I’ll be able to recover from.

“I owe a lot to the paramedics at Mildenhall who knew straight away that I’d broken my back and did everything they could to keep me stable and took me to the best place possible to get the surgery I needed fairly quickly and I got it within a couple of days.

“After lying on my back in a hospital bed for five days straight it’s now nice to be back home.

“Being in your own surroundings is the best place to recover and they’re really pleased with how the operation went, I’m up walking fairly normally and things already seem to be improving every day.

“There’s not much to do and I’ve now discovered how bad day time TV is!

“But it’s given me time to work out a plan with the Birmingham physio Steve Williams of what movements I can start doing already to make sure I’m as fit as I can be.

“I don’t go back to the hospital until December now as it’s all about letting the body heal.

“I’ve got four screws and two rods in my back that are holding everything in place and by that next appointment that should have allowed everything to heal and then it’s all about working on my fitness and getting ready to race again in March.

“I’ve progressed way too far to let something like this hold me back and how far I’ve come this season alone only makes me even more determined to carry that on next year.

“I’ve got the highest average in the National League, I’ve put two points on my average in the Championship and I’ve made something of an impression in a couple of top flight guest bookings.

“So I couldn’t have asked for much more really - next year it’s all about building on that and taking things to the next level.”

Bacon is hoping to be in attendance for the Brummies' final Perry Barr fixture of the season on Wednesday, October 17 (7.30) with format and line-up information to be confirmed.

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