Monday September 24, 2018
BOSS Laurence Rogers has described Birmingham's efforts this season as 'remarkable'.

It comes after the club’s play-off dreams were crushed on Sunday, following yet another postponement at Mildenhall.

The cut-off date for a top four finish has now passed, and the Edwards Plumbing Brummies missed out by just a single league point.

“We were the only club in Britain to get all our home league fixtures completed by the end of August,” Rogers explained.

“When you look at how many clubs, particularly in the National League, have still got home fixtures outstanding, it really is poor when you consider they’ve had since March to get them in.

“We’ve had Wednesday fixtures postponed due to weather, we had a month-long break in the middle of the season, we’ve entered every competition possible with challenge meetings thrown in as well and we’ve still had blanks in our calendar.

“That’s what makes us missing out on the play-offs even more frustrating and it’s something which again needs looking at going forward.

“People will say we could’ve scored more points in the meetings we were able to get done and the home defeats to Mildenhall, Plymouth and Coventry have proved damaging in the end.

“But when you look at those three fixtures, those were periods where the injuries piled up and really did hit us so hard.

“As I’ve said though, when you think of how many injuries we’ve had this season, it’s a remarkable effort to get as close as we did – but it’s just frustrating that we miss out because of two fixtures not getting completed.

“The amazing amount of bad luck has run from day one right to the very final day.

“From injuries to riders to rain-offs, you name it and it’s gone against us at some point this year.

“To finish the season with none of the riders who we started with back in March really is unbelievable and it tells you everything you need to know about our year.

“We now need to get our heads together in terms of a season finale for one last meeting at Perry Barr – and it would be nice if we could get all the riders to the track who have ridden for the club this season.”

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