Tuesday September 18, 2018
BIRMINGHAM bosses are again working overtime behind the scenes ahead of their crucial National League trip to leaders Mildenhall on Sunday (September 23, 3pm).

While the Edwards Plumbing Brummies dropped out of the top four following Coventry's home win over Buxton on Monday, defeat to Mildenhall in the second part of the Bees' double-header gave Birmingham renewed hope of reaching the play-offs.

Co-promoter David Mason explained: "Not only was it important that Mildenhall won that second meeting, the fact that Coventry were only able to beat Buxton by 12-points has turned out to be huge for us.

"With our trip to Mildenhall being our last meeting before the cut-off date, and with Coventry having no more before then, we go to West Row knowing what we need to do.

"A win or a draw would be ideal, but with the way the race points difference is in the league table now, it also means that getting a consolation point for losing by no more than six on Sunday would also see us sneak back into the top four at the final opportunity.

"Laurence (Rogers - team manager) and I have identified which guests we want to cover our injured riders and we hope to finalise those very soon.

"A big plus for us is that Shanesy (James Shanes) is available and both he and Leon (Flint) in particular are remaining confident that we can pull this off - and that would be a remarkable achievement in itself when you consider everything that's happened to us this year."

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