Sunday September 16, 2018
BOSS Laurence Rogers fears “it’s not meant to be” for his Birmingham side after Sunday’s meeting at Buxton was abandoned.

The Edwards Plumbing Brummies were leading 18-12 with five races gone before a downpour forced the fixture to be called off.

Guest heat-leaders Georgie Wood and Max Clegg won all three of their outings between them while stand-in captain Leon Flint also rode smartly to take the chequered flag in Heat Three.

But it was all to no avail when the decision was made to call the fixture off.

It was a meeting the Perry Barr side desperately needed four league points from to keep their play-off hopes alive - something Rogers admits now looks even more of a difficult task.

“Coventry have got a home double-header on Monday and with one of those being against Buxton, who still haven’t won a meeting this season, you’d expect them to get at least three points,” Rogers explained.

“That would put them above us in the league table and even if they lost their second meeting against Mildenhall, we’d still have to go to the Fen Tigers next week and get a win - something which no side has managed this season.

“So it’s not impossible but it’s becoming an increasingly more difficult task, especially now Buxton can’t fit us in until after the cut-off date on the 23rd because they’ve already got a double-header that day and we’re at Mildenhall.

“When the weather starts going against you, on top of all the injuries we’ve suffered this season, you really do start fearing that it’s just not meant to be.

“If we could’ve got four points at Buxton we’d still have had a great chance of making the play-offs - and all we had to do was complete five more races.

“The riders were willing to give it a go at 3pm, but there was a lot of hanging around with nothing going on and it’s just a shame they couldn’t get on with things quicker because who knows how far we could’ve got.

“It is what it is though and we just now have to wait and see what happens this week.”

BUXTON 12: Ben Wilson 4, Tom Woolley 3+1, Corban Pavitt 3, Connor Coles 2, Lewis Whitmore 0, Kieran Douglas 0, James Cockle R/R

BIRMINGHAM 18: Georgie Wood 6, Leon Flint 3, Max Clegg 3, Josh Embleton 2+1, Sheldon Davies 2, Joe Lawlor 1, Tom Spencer 1, Callum Walker R/R

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