Sunday September 09, 2018
INJURY-HIT Birmingham suffered their biggest defeat of the season against Coventry in a 53-36 loss at Leicester’s Paul Chapman and Sons Arena.

It was a tough afternoon for the Edwards Plumbing Brummies who failed to recover from a slow start which saw them 12-points down with just six races gone.

But tricky track conditions, and more examples of bad luck, caused plenty of problems for the makeshift Birmingham team.

And the meeting was overshadowed by a Heat 13 smash which saw guest Danny Ayres straighten up in the middle of bends three and four before t-boning Coventry No.1 Connor Mountain as the pair were flung from their machines and both consequently withdrew from the remainder of the meeting.

Team boss Laurence Rogers said: “It really was a horrible looking incident and again we end up sending our best wishes to both riders.

“The track was really, really poor; it was so overwatered in places and not watered enough in others, it was so heavy on the outside and bumpy, particularly in turns three and four, doesn’t sum it up.

“The track caused riders on both teams problems and I’m confident those crashes wouldn’t have happened had the track been better prepared.

“They had sidecars there on Saturday night and they must have ripped the track to pieces.

“They’re also using a new type of shale and I think it’s pretty clear already that it’s not going to work.

“But again we had so much bad luck as well; we had Leon (Flint) winning Heat Three before he hit something on the track and came off, Jordan Jenkins packed up on the last lap when we were on a 5-1, Ben Morley was caught out by the track then lost his steel shoe when he was challenging for first - I don’t know how many more times I have to say it but if we didn’t have bad luck we wouldn’t have any luck at all.

“We battled on but it was just one of those days and while there are two riders from that meeting who are nursing injuries, it could have been a lot more and I was just glad when Heat 15 was eventually over.”

The Brummies host Championship outfit Peterborough in a special inter-league challenge at Perry Barr on Wednesday (7.30).

COVENTRY 53: Luke Harris 12+1, Jon Armstrong 12, Luke Ruddick 9+1, Connor Mountain 9, Ryan MacDonald 6+3, Jamie Halder 5+2, Danny Phillips R/R.

BIRMINGHAM 36: Leon Flint 10, Jordan Jenkins 9+2, Danny Ayres 8, Ben Morley 6, Josh Embleton 2, Sheldon Davies 1, Tom Spencer (No. 8 ) 0, Callum Walker R/R.

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