Saturday September 08, 2018
BIRMINGHAM team boss Laurence Rogers admitted he was “gutted” after two more injuries saw their meeting at Mildenhall abandoned.

The Brummies lost Sam Woods with a broken arm and Tom Bacon with a back injury after two crashes in Heat 1.

With both riders needing paramedic attention the clash was called off - but Rogers was understandably only concerned with the health of his two stars.

He said: “I’m obviously gutted to not even complete a race and sustain two injuries is as bad as it gets.

“Sam had a heavy one in the first running of the race, breaking his arm. Then in the re-run Tom ploughed into the fence on turn one, and has hurt his back with a suspected fracture.

“It’s likely that both riders will now miss the end of the season which is awful for them both. Tom’s been going great for Peterborough as well. We obviously wish both riders a speedy recovery.

“Obviously we will need to plug the gaps now. The only luck we get seems to be bad these days but our only thoughts are with the riders tonight.”

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