Saturday July 07, 2018
BIRMINGHAM have decided to postpone Wednesday’s scheduled home fixture with Kent at Perry Barr.

The Edwards Plumbing Brummies were set to celebrate the club’s 90th Anniversary, but co-promoters David and Peter Mason have pulled the plug on the meeting due to England’s progression to the Semi-Finals of the FIFA Football World Cup.

David Mason explained: “Because we’ve already gone two Wednesday’s without a home meeting, we were desperate to try and get this on.

“But there are a number of factors as to why we’ve decided to push the meeting back.

“Firstly, from a business point of view, going up against England’s biggest game for a number of decades would be very costly.

“We’d still have to pay our bills but we know we’d have a hugely reduced crowd.

“We’ve already seen social media and the forums and even some of our die-hard supporters are saying even they would stay away on such an occasion.

“Secondly we have to think of our staff and volunteers as well and early indications told us we’d be significantly low on numbers on that front as well which would make it almost impossible to run a meeting.

“So we have had no other option but to call it off - and that’s the decision of all other clubs who were due to stage a meeting this coming Wednesday too, even in the top flight.

“We are going to arrange a meeting for Wednesday, July 25 which is currently a free date on our calendar and we will celebrate the club’s 90th Anniversary in our next home meeting when Mildenhall come to Perry Barr on July 18.”

Birmingham travel to Buxton on Sunday in the National Trophy.

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