Monday July 02, 2018
BRUMMIES ace James Shanes admitted it was always going to be “tough” after losing Danyon Hume after a nasty crash at Monmore Green.

The visitors lost 52-37 at Cradley after Hume was ruled out after a bad tangle with Chris Widman in Heat 4.

Brummies not surprisingly found it hard work after losing heat-leader Hume but Shanes and Tom Bacon were outstanding with 15 and 12 points.

Shares, who scored a maximum, said: “It was a bad crash and he’s got a nasty knock but after that we were essentially a two-man team with Tom Bacon and I.

“The boys tried really hard to keep us in the meeting. But without having our third heat leader it was going to be tough.

“Leon Flint is just up into the team and it will take him time to settle and he had an awkward fall late on in the meeting too.

“Cradley are a very good side anyway with Drew Kemp flying at reserve. Even at full strength it would have be a hard match for us.

“We gave it everything we had. Tom and I just kept trying to make sure we won our races and hoped the other boys to pick up the odd third place which they did.”

Bacon and Shanes were outstanding for the Brummies as they kept the visitors in contention despite the setback of losing Hume.

Flying Bacon won Heat 1 in style from Cradley guest Danny Ayres but the home side took control when the classy young 15-year-old Kemp won Heat 2 and with Widman second, the Heathens were four in front.

The much-awaited clash “war of the wonderkids” never materialised with Shanes roaring clear in Heat 3 with Bickley left at the back behind rival Flint.

Then came the horror incident in Heat 4 followed by a repair to the airfence and from then on it was the Bacon and Shanes show.

However, when they weren’t in the line-up Brummies were vulnerable and three maximum 5-1s in six races left them reeling.

CRADLEY 52: Drew Kemp 16+1, Alfie Bowtell 10+4, Danny Ayres 10+1, Jason Edwards 8+2, Kyle Bickley 6+1, Chris Widman 2+1, Bradley Andrews r/r.

BIRMINGHAM 37: James Shanes 15, Tom Bacon 12, Leon Flint 4, Tom Spencer 4, Callum Walker 2, Arran Butcher 0, Danyon Hume 0.

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