Thursday June 28, 2018
BIRMINGHAM made it five wins out of five in the National League with a gritty 51-39 vicory at the Isle of Wight.

Teenager Leon Flint was the inspiration again after the Edwards Plumbing Brummies suffered a catalogue of falls and mechanical failures in the first nine races of the meeting, offering the Warriors the chance of a shock success.

But fate then smiled on the visitors when home No.1 Ben Morley crashed out of the contest after a battle with Birmingham guest Danny Ayres in Heat 10.

The resulting 5-1 for Ayres and Callum Walker put the Brummies four points to the good, and without Morley the Warriors lacked the firepower to respond.

The early stages had provided plenty of frustration for the travelling fans, with Layne Cupitt falling in his first two rides.
Ayres and Walker had the Brummies ahead with maximum points in Heat 3, but Morley overhauled Danyon Hume in Heat 6 to bring the hosts level.

A tense contest ensued, not helped when Ayres ground to a halt having taken the lead in Heat 7 – whilst the jinx switched to Hume in Heat 9 as the Brummies heat-leader came to grief when in front.

Morley’s crash in the next put the visitors 32-28 up, and although the Warriors got the gap back to two points as Alfie Bowtell held off skipper Tom Bacon in Heat 11, the Brummies did appear much stronger in the closing heats.

And so it proved as Ayres and Flint teamed up for a 5-1 in Heat 12, before Hume and Bacon got the better of Bowtell in the next to put the lead up to ten points.

Flint took his tally to another spectacular paid-17 with a win in Heat 14, although his prolific stint at reserve ended with a fall in the last race which was won by Ayres.

Manager Laurence Rogers said: “It’s another good win for us. There were some worrying times along the way but we got over them.

“As usual, we came strong towards the end of the meeting with 5-1s in Heats 10, 12 and 13, and a 4-2 in Heat 14, so that sorted things out for us.

“We didn’t make it easy because Layne, Leon and Danyon all had falls, plus Arran (Butcher) had to lay his machine down as well, which was why he missed Heat 9.

“Danny Ayres dropped a chain too when he was leading his second ride, but he was unbeaten after that so he was an excellent guest.

“It was also great to see Callum back amongst the points. He really wanted to get a paid win in Heat 14 because he would have only dropped one point then, but still seven paid nine was an excellent return from him.”

Brummies remain in the South as their next fixture in a busy run comes up at Eastbourne on Saturday.

ISLE OF WIGHT 39: Alfie Bowtell 12, Scott Campos 7+1, Ben Morley 6, Danno Verge 5, Chris Widman 4+2, Jamie Bursill 3+1, Shaun Tedham 2
BIRMINGHAM 51: Leon Flint 16+1, Danny Ayres 12, Tom Bacon 9+1, Callum Walker 7+2, Danyon Hume 6+1, Layne Cupitt 1, Arran Butcher 0
National League points: Isle of Wight 0 Birmingham 4

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