Tuesday June 05, 2018
BIRMINGHAM will be without teenage star Jack Parkinson-Blackburn for Wednesday’s home clash against Eastbourne (7.30) – as well as for the foreseeable future.

The 17-year-old, who only rejoined the Perry Barr side just over a fortnight ago, is struggling with a shoulder problem sustained on Championship guesting duties last week and is now facing a lengthier spell on the sidelines.

Edwards Plumbing Brummies team boss Laurence Rogers said: “Jack dislocated the same shoulder that he did last year and that’s caused further complications.

“He’s still struggling to get any feeling in his arm or hand and he’s got another follow-up appointment next week.

“There could be nerve or ligament damage, but no-one knows right now and it’s hard to judge exactly how long he’ll be out for.

“But it’s certainly going to be longer than we first anticipated and we need to assess our options once again in the meantime.”

The club have already held talks with two riders as potential injury replacements and are expected to make a final decision in the next few days.

Wednesday will see them run rider replacement for Parkinson-Blackburn though with all other members of the team eligible to cover his rides.

Said Rogers: “It’s not ideal but with Jack second in the averages, it’s not exactly the worst position in the world either.

“Tom (Bacon) and Danyon (Hume) are flying as is Leon (Flint) at reserve and with those able to cover alongside the likes of Callum (Walker), Layne (Cupitt) and Arran (Butcher), we’re still confident we can keep our winning run going.

“All the riders are going to need to maintain their recent level of performance, but it promises to be a really entertaining meeting against Eastbourne.

“The racing against Coventry last week was unbelievable at times, and this has the potential to be one of the meetings of the season.”

In-form reserve Leon Flint will be available for autographs and pictures between 6.30 and 6.50 in the lower main grandstand.

The main event will be followed by a series of races starring Ductair Electrics Bulls riders Rachel Hellowell and James Spencer as well as local pairing James Chattin and Stephen Whitehouse.

There will also be demonstration races from Max Perry as well as Dan and Joe Thompson with flat-track demos from Skye Adams and Luke Gardner.

Admission is £13 adults, £12 concessions, £3 juniors (12-16) while kids 11 and under go FREE.

BIRMINGHAM: Tom Bacon, Layne Cupitt, Jack Parkinson-Blackburn R/R, Callum Walker, Danyon Hume, Arran Butcher, Leon Flint, James Chattin (No.8).

EASTBOURNE: Georgie Wood, Charley Powell, Mark Baseby, Jason Edwards, Tom Brennan, Kelsey Dugard, Charlie Brooks, Stephen Whitehouse (No.8).

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