Thursday March 15, 2018
BIRMINGHAM have been forced to turn to plan B as they try and complete their team for the fast approaching new season.

The Edwards Plumbing Brummies have agreed terms with one unnamed rider but a delayed process, beyond the control of both parties, means he won’t be able to take his place in the starting seven.

Team Manager Laurence Rogers explained: “We don’t want to go into too much detail right now because we’re still hopeful we can introduce him into our team at some point this season.

“It’s a process that started almost two months ago now and it’s so frustrating that after having it on good authority that it would be sorted well in time for the new season, that we’re now being told it could potentially roll on for another couple of months.

“So it is highly frustrating to say the least and even though it’s something which is totally out of our hands we can only apologise to our supporters - but we’re staying positive.

“While we’d love to win every competition we enter, the National League itself is obviously our main priority.

“Our first league fixture doesn’t come around until towards the end of May and the main run begins at the end of June.

“So theoretically it’s not the end of the world because if we can get everything through, there’s no reason why we couldn’t introduce the rider in question into our team once everything is eventually sorted.”

Rogers has now invited a number of unattached riders to next Wednesday’s Press and Practice event (March 21, 1.45pm) where they’ll be put through their paces in front of club bosses.

“We’ve asked a few riders to come along who are looking for a team spot,” Rogers explained.

“We’re going to get them out on track and those who impress us will be given an opportunity.

“Our league starts with three challenge meetings before the National Trophy and that is a great chance for us to blend them into our team at Birmingham.”

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