Thursday February 08, 2018
BIRMINGHAM have named former first team racer Kyle Roberts as skipper of their Midland Development League side.

And in an additional role, the Warwickshire born teenager has also been listed as the Brummies’ No.8 squad member.

The 18-year-old finished the 2017 season on the injury list after a stint at reserve in the third tier.

But now he’s now on his way back to full fitness and co-promoter David Mason is keen to see Roberts give team manager Laurence Rogers a selection headache.

Said Mason: “It’s been a much longer recovery period than anyone expected, but it’s great to hear about the dedication Kyle has been putting into his fitness work over the winter.

“He started to take a few positive steps in the right direction just before he got injured last year and his effort really was appreciated by the supporters at Birmingham.

“So we always wanted to get him back to the club in some capacity and we thought he was the ideal candidate to captain the Bulls in the MDL.

“We’ve made the decision to make him our No.8 in the National League as well.

“This means he’ll be involved with the first team on race nights and not only could he potentially be brought in for a ride here and there, but he’s also great for team camaraderie in the pits and mechanically he’s great to have around the pits as well.

“But the No.8 position will be good for Kyle because he knows if he has some good meetings for the Bulls, he could get a chance in the National League at points throughout the season.

“With the other members of the team knowing that as well, it will hopefully keep the other lads on their toes and competition for places can never be a bad thing.”

Roberts himself said: “I was really hoping to be back at Birmingham this year and while I’d have preferred to be starting in the first team, to be captaining the Bulls is brilliant.

“I’m going to do everything I can to try and work my way back in the first team and I’m looking forward to working with everyone at the Brummies again.”

Meanwhile, Ductair Electrics Ltd have been confirmed as sponsors for the Birmingham Bulls.

Club Commercial Manager Lee Kilby said: “Similarly to Edwards Plumbing for the first team, it’s great to have Ductair Electrics Ltd backing the bulls.

“They’ve supported the Brummies really well over the past couple of seasons and proudly sponsored the Rider of the Night Award too.

“They are sponsors, as well as keen supporters of the club, who love helping young riders progress so this is ideal for them and their business.

“Once again, a special thanks to former commercial manager Joe McLaughlin for the part he played in this deal.”

Perry Barr will also host to Milton Keynes’ Midland Development League home fixtures to enable them to take their place in the competition.

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