Wednesday January 17, 2018
BIRMINGHAM Speedway have appointed Laurence Rogers as their new team manager for 2018.

He joins the Brummies with plenty of experience behind him, most recently with Plymouth in the National League where he spent one season after a lengthy spell with Coventry.

Rogers has also worked alongside a number of riders during their World Championship quests including former Birmingham stars Chris Harris and Hans Nielsen as well as being a part of the United States of America World Cup background team since 2005.

Co-promoter David Mason is delighted to have Rogers on board and is confident he’s selected the right man for the job.

“We’d looked at a couple of names but as soon as we knew Laurence was leaving Plymouth, he stood out by a mile as he just ticks all of the boxes for us,” Mason said.

“He’s done the role for a number of clubs at various levels and there’s not much about the sport he doesn’t know.

“He’s managed teams as well as individual riders and he also has a lot to do with the Midland Development League and other amateur racing as well which I think is great.

“Laurence lives and breathes speedway and he’s so professional in what he does.

“He knows the rulebook inside out, on a racenight he’s always got his own stopwatch with him to keep his own riders in check and he knows how to man-manage as well as manage a team.

“He’ll know which riders need a kick up the backside and which will need a quiet word on the side when things aren’t quite going their way.

“It’s not just that though, when Laurence signs up for something, he dedicates himself to that club, he instantly becomes a part of it and he goes above and beyond his role.

“He’s already so keen to get stuck in and try and help the club continue to move forwards.

“Because he’s been there and done it, he’ll be a massive help on both racedays and non-racedays for me too because it’s my first year involved from this side of things and he knows all of the ins and outs.

“He’s very local to Perry Barr as well which is such a massive plus for us all and I’m really looking forward to working with Laurence.”

Rogers himself says it was a no-brainer when he was offered the job.

“My journey to and from Plymouth every week in 2017 wasn’t easy and it eventually started to take its toll,” Rogers said.

“The news came out that myself and Plymouth had agreed to go our separate ways and within no time at all David was on the ‘phone.

“We had a few conversations and it’s great to be involved with another club so close to my home.

“Birmingham is a big club with some wonderful facilities and a really loyal fan base as well.

“Those were attractions to the role that speak for themselves but I guess when I saw the team David and his father Peter had already put together, that drew me in as well.

“I’ve worked with all of the current team members so far at one time or another so interacting and gelling with them isn’t going to be a problem at all.

“I’m now involved in the process of deciding who we go for as our final reserve and hopefully we can finalise that in the next week or two.”

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PICTURE: New Birmingham team manager Laurence Rogers with recent Brummies recruit Mitchell Davey during their days at Coventry in 2015. (JEFF DAVIES).

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