Sunday January 14, 2018
BIRMINGHAM have just one team spot to fill after Layne Cupitt agreed a return to Perry Barr for 2018.

He stays on with the Brummies for a second consecutive season, and starts the year with a 4.00 average after a steady 2017 campaign.

Co-promoter David Mason feels that figure is a steal and is adamant there is plenty more to come from Cupitt.

"When I saw Layne was only on a four I couldn't believe it to be honest because he impressed me last season," Mason said.

"Okay for one reason or another he didn't do as well as he'd have liked to right towards the end, but for three quarters of the season he was solid.

"Particularly in the opening half of the season he showed exactly what he is capable of when his mind is fully focused.

"That's something I'm looking forward to working with Layne on this year and I think sticking with the same club in the same surroundings is just what he needs to take that next step up the ladder.

"He now has three years worth of experience in the National League and I think that will be an important factor when you compare him to the other riders around his sort of starting average."

Cupitt himself is determined to continue his improvement with the Brummies.

He said: "I did come on a fair amount last year and the meetings I had in the first half of the season are what I've been focusing on over the winter.

"I enjoyed my racing a lot more with Birmingham last year and I think I'm going to do that even more with David now in charge.

"He really took time to go out of his way to help me when he joined as a rider last season and having someone like him there every meeting will hopefully help me out.

"Obviously Danyon (Hume) and Tom (Bacon) were in the team with me last year and I already know Callum (Walker), Mitchell (Davey) and Leon (Flint) so I think we're going to have a great team spirit this year."

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