Wednesday January 03, 2018
BIRMINGHAM have continued their team building for 2018 with Callum Walker the latest rider to be snapped up.

The Gloucestershire based racer joins top trio Tom Bacon, Mitchell Davey and Danyon Hume as well as exciting teen talent Leon Flint with just two team spots left to fill.

19-year-old Walker, who also has plenty of Grasstrack experience under his belt, spent two years with Midland rivals Coventry Storm before joining Plymouth for the 2017 campaign again.

And he's on the move again after new club co-promoter David Mason 'sold' the Brummies to him in one 'phone call.

"I knew I wanted another change of scenery for this year and I was considering the options that were out there," Walker explained.

"Birmingham was a club I looked at and when David rang me and told me what he's got planned team wise I jumped at the chance to be honest.

"I've never been too happy with my scores at Birmingham but this is a big season for me and I know I can turn that around.

"Logistically riding for Birmingham will be a lot more suitable for me overall and I can't see it taking me too long to settle at all really because I already know the rest of the lads in the team.

"This is a great chance for me and I intend to do everything I can to make the most of the opportunity."

Meanwhile, co-promoter David Mason said: "When I was going through potential riders for my first season in charge, Callum was one who went on the list from what I've found out from other people.

"I've had a few really strong recommendations about him and the way he adapts himself and his attitude and determination should fit in to what we're trying to build at Birmingham perfectly.

"He's got good equipment, he's a real trier and while he may not be a rider who's stood out to fans at Perry Barr in previous seasons, I think this move will do Callum the world of good.

"When I was at Lakeside at the start of last year, I said Alfie Bowtell and George Hunter were two riders who were ready to kick on.

"That's exactly how I feel about Callum going into the new season and with the right support and encouragement, he could be a key signing for us.

"Now it's time for him to step things up, enjoy his speedway racing and if he can get that enjoyment out of it then he should build on his starting average no problem at all.

"From the extra stuff he's done on the grass, his motorcycle skills are second to none and the three years of National League experience he's already got behind him could give him an extra edge over some of his opponents this year."

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