Monday December 11, 2017
BIRMINGHAM have unveiled a new club crest ahead of the 2018 campaign.

Next year will mark the 90th anniversary since a Speedway meeting first took place in the second city.

New Brummies Promoter David Mason and Commercial Manager Lee Kilby have already started to ring the changes at Perry Barr and a new club crest was high on their list of priorities.

“I guess it is like anything new you get your hands on, you want to make it your own and add those little touches, “ explained David.

"I love the new club badge as it incorporates and epitomises everything about how me and Dad (Peter) will mould and shape the club in the future.

"Yes, you look back and acknowledge the history that has proceeded you, but ultimately you move forward, evolve and progress.

"I asked Commercial Manager Lee Kilby to look into this for me and he designed the badge himself and has done a great job.”

Having only been at the club for a number of months, designing and commissioning a new badge had Kilby feeling somewhat nervous.

"Yes of course I was slightly nervous," Kilby admitted.

"You’re effectively changing something that means a heck of a lot to a very large number of people.

"It was a challenge, but I have to say we wouldn’t have changed anything for the sake of it.

"We only intended to make a change if it felt right. And this does.

"The outgoing badge was nice, but David wanted something new and something to take the club forward. I’m very proud of what I’ve come up with and my affection for this club is growing by the day. I hope the Brummies fans like the badge too!"

Lee introduces us to the new club badge.

The ‘B’
"There was no way I ever intended to change the iconic ‘B’ that has represented the club for most of its racing years. I did play around with a few different ideas, but the current and original ‘B’ is just so prominent and anything else I tried just wasn’t Birmingham Speedway.

Looking back around the 1970s there were a couple of years where the race jacket did have a different ‘B’, or on one occasion no ‘B’ at all, but keeping the ‘B’ that is Birmingham Brummies was always a must for me."

EST 1928
"It is important to remember the beginning of the club’s existence back in 1928. The club has been around now for coming up to 90 years.

There were periods when the club were not racing, but it has always had people keeping the clubs name alive, ultimately striving to bring the Brummies back on track."

"The three stars on the badge are there to represent the initial formation of the Brummies in 1928, and then the reformations in 2006 (accepted into the league in 2007) and 2015. As much as the recent history is somewhat chequered, and in an ideal world there wouldn’t have been the second reformation, history is what it is, and everyone at the club takes the positives that come from the preceding negatives. Each time the club has reformed it has taken time, effort, resources and finances. A lot of people deserve much credit for bringing the club back and these stars are a way of honouring them."

‘Onward so as to make progress.'

‘In the direction that one is facing.'

"The new badge does acknowledge the past with the three stars and the year the club was formed, but it was very important to look to the future and show a clear intent and desire to drive forward. The word ‘FORWARD’ actually appears on the Birmingham City coat of arms and gives us a nice connection, and adds to our association with the City of Birmingham itself."

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