Wednesday December 06, 2017
BIRMINGHAM owner David Mason says he can’t wait for the next week to pass by – so that he can crack on with team plans for 2018!

It comes after the National League’s AGM date has been set for Thursday, December 14 at the British Speedway Promoters’ Association headquarters in Warwickshire.

Rules and regulations for next season will be decided, including the all important team-building points limit.

The Brummies have already snapped up two riders in Danyon Hume and Leon Flint but Mason admits he is keen to get his first ever side finalised as soon as possible.

“It feels like we’ve been waiting for that date to come around for ages,” Mason said.

“It has been frustrating because there’s so many things we’ve wanted to do, but we’ve had to sit tight and patiently because you can’t make too many decisions if nobody is sure what the rules are going to be.

“We signed Danyon and Leon because on their respective starting averages, they’d have been in any of our sides no matter what the points limit is going to be.

“I’ve had so many riders on the ‘phone who would love to ride for Birmingham and those added to the list I’d already got means we have so many options.

“I’ve got myself this spreadsheet on my computer at home and I have permutations for every single points limit.

“Thankfully the riders have been so patient as well and the majority of them are in the same boat as us and they understand their fate will be determined by the points limit as well.

“As soon as it is set, I’ll finalise the last couple of things before getting on the ‘phone to the riders I want to ride for Birmingham in 2018.

“If not all of them, it would be nice to have at least two or three definitely in place before the end of the year.

“I want to send out a message in my first year in charge; I want a team who I feel can all build on their starting averages and who can all progress individually, as well as growing as a team to put us in with a shout of winning some silverware.

“The reaction to our first two signings has been great and I’m sure whoever the other five riders may be, the fans will get right behind them 100 per cent.”

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