Tuesday November 21, 2017
THERE'LL be a new face at Perry Barr in 2018 - in the shape of a brand-new mascot, ‘Brummie the Bear’.

Brummie will be an integral part of the racenight experience for the forthcoming season with the primary objective of bringing some off-track entertainment to the supporters, especially younger supporters.

Commercial Manager Lee Kilby outlined the desire to bring a mascot back to Perry Barr.

He said: "Kids are the future of our sport and we want to do more than we recently have, and as much as we can do, to interact, entertain and enhance the experience for our junior supporters.

"Enticing kids back through the door is a big focus for us.

"David (Mason - club owner) and I want to do more to encourage parents to bring their kids, and believe it is important to get the kids involved as much as possible.

“Brummie will be the face of all our projects and initiatives for the kids. We’ll be introducing a Junior Brummies membership, match mascot packages, kids only pit walks, signing sessions, Photo opportunities, birthday parties and much much more.

"We’ve already had a 3D design of Brummie produced and we will have him made into costume form ready for the start of the new season.”

Brummie Bear was designed by speedway supporter and artist Tim Beaumont.

“I have worked with Tim a number of times over the last few years,” said Kilby.

“He is a big speedway supporter and a big fan of my late speedway racing father Bob. "I am very grateful to Tim for the excellent design work he has done for me down the years and Brummie is just terrific."

In another very positive move to 2018, David Mason has also announced the club's intention to remove the entry fee for under-12s when being accompanied by a paying adult.

Said Mason: “As the new promoter I can’t highlight enough the importance I am putting on getting kids back through the door.

"We see introducing Brummie Bear, and removing the entry cost of kids under the age of 12 as a very positive step and a show of intent that we want to look after our supporters and give them as much back off track as we can."

More initiatives and plans will be announced in the coming weeks.

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