Sunday September 23, 2007
BIRMINGHAM picked up their sixth away win of the season with a 47-43 success over Newcastle on Sunday night - but they have missed out on the play-offs.

The Perry Barr side will have to settle for a place in the Young Shield, which features those clubs which finished 5th-12th and full details are expected on the quarter-final line-up shortly. Graham Drury's men will have first pick of opposition.

Their hopes of reaching the league-deciding play-offs were dashed just before they started their meeting at Brough Park when the Isle of Wight got the better of Newport in Wales.

But skipper Jason Lyons still inspired his side to a superb display against a determined Diamonds side who had Carl Wilkinson in fine form.

Lyons won five races on the trot in his 16+1 haul and was only beaten by home star George Stancl in heat 15.

Newcastle pulled level after heat 13 with a 5-1 from Wilkinson and Stancl over Hauzinger and Powell - but Birmingham immediately bounced back with Phil Morris and Lee Smart assuring them of a draw at least thanks to a maximum in the penultimate race.

And when Morris and Lyons shared the last race for the Mercom-sponsored Brummies, victory was secured.

NEWCASTLE 43: Carl Wilkinson 14, George Stancl 11+1, Paul Clews 8+1, Josef Franc 6, Sean Stoddart 3+1, Sam Dore 1, Jonas Raun R/R.
BIRMINGHAM 47: Jason Lyons 16+1, Phil Morris 11+1, Ben Powell 9+1, Lee Smart 7+1, Manuel Hauzinger 3+2, Derek Sneddon 1, Henrik Moller R/R.

PICTURED - Great night for new signing PHIL MORRIS.

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