Monday October 23, 2017
BIRMINGHAM owners David and Peter Mason have appointed Lee Kilby as the club’s new Commercial Manager.

Kilby, son of Swindon Robins legend Bob, takes over from Joe McLaughlin who leaves the Brummies after almost a decade in the role.

The Masons have been impressed with Kilby and his work during Swindon’s Premiership title winning campaign this season and were quick to offer him the chance of taking up an extra position in the sport.

David Mason said: “When we came into the club, we sat down with Graham and Denise Drury and Tony Mole and discussed several things with them as the outgoing promotion team.

“We wanted to know what runs like clockwork and what could do with a bit of tweaking.

“That enabled us to identify what we will stick with and the couple of areas where we want to put our own stamp on things.

“The club must say a big thank you to Joe McLaughlin who’s done a great job from what I’m told over several years at Perry Barr and we wish him all the best for the future.

“But we want to try and help the club progress even more and take a few more steps in the right direction.

“And one of the roles we wanted to develop was that of Commercial Manager.

“Yes it’s still about securing plenty of sponsorship and that side of things, but we also wanted someone who can get heavily involved on race nights and bring a different type of experience to sponsors, team partners and supporters too.

“Lee ticks every single box for someone you want working on your side behind the scenes.

“He’s enthusiastic, he’s eager, he’s keen to get stuck in and he lives and breathes the sport.

“Most importantly though, he’s got plenty of fresh ideas of his own and he’s got experience behind him.

“The work he’s done with Swindon this year has helped bring such a positive vibe to The Abbey Stadium and we’re hoping he’ll have a similar impact at Perry Barr too.

“I know Lee from the few meetings I did for the Sprockets earlier this season and he’s a great guy to get on with and he’ll prove to be a very popular figure at Perry Barr too I’m sure.”

Kilby visited Perry Barr for the very first time in Birmingham’s final meeting of the 2017 season against Coventry for Tony Mole’s Farewell fixture.

He feels the club is in a great position and is thoroughly looking forward to linking up with the two-time National League Champions

“When I came to Tony’s Farewell meeting the other week, I was absolutely blown away by everything,” Kilby said.

“The facilities Birmingham have got are outstanding; the stadium and hospitality boxes are some of the best I’ve seen in the sport, the track looks great, the fans were brilliant – everything about the set-up at Perry Barr really impressed me.

“I know about the recent history of the club and from a commercial point of view I totally understand that there are a few areas where a few bridges perhaps need to be re-built because of what happened in 2014.

“But we’re hoping that with a brand new promotion, a brand new commercial manager and brand new fresh ideas, that we’ll be able to attract some old business and companies back on board along with plenty of new ones of course.

“I’m grateful that Joe McLaughlin and the outgoing promotion have left me plenty of good foundations to build-on and now it’s my job to use those to our advantage and take things to the next level.

“I’ve already spent a lot of time looking at the local area, what we’ve got in the vicinity of Perry Barr and there are several exciting possibilities which I can’t wait to get stuck into and explore further.

“Gaining sponsors and getting them on board is obviously a huge chunk of my role but it’s also now about the delivery of the show on race night, enhancing the experience for everyone in the stadium and we also want to involve the supporters a lot more.

“David, Peter and myself have already had some very lengthy conversations and we’re looking forward to letting the supporters know some of our ideas and how they can get involved over the coming weeks.”

PIC: New commercial manager Lee Kilby pictured with Birmingham owner David Mason.

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