Monday October 09, 2017
FIVE of Birmingham’s 2017 side will compete in Tony Mole’s Farewell at Perry Barr on Wednesday (7.30).

Fans’ favourites Liam Carr, Tom Bacon, Taylor Hampshire and Layne Cupitt have all been invited to race in Birmingham’s fixture with Coventry – and Jack Parkinson Blackburn’s season isn’t over after all.

The Surestop Brummies skipper has declared himself fit to race, despite struggling with a recent shoulder problem.

Team boss Graham Drury said: “We always planned on using as many of this season’s team members as we could and we’re delighted to have five of them involved in the end.

“Jack Parkinson-Blackburn says he feels fit enough to ride and desperately didn’t want to miss this meeting because he’s grateful of what Tony has done for him since signing for Birmingham.”

With stars such as Ben Barker, Martin Smolinski, Paul Starke, Adam Skornicki and Broc Nicol also named, it has been agreed that a race formula similar to that of the Elite League fast-track days will be operated.

Said Drury: “We’ve got various levels of experience and quality throughout the two teams as things stand so we thought this was best.

“It means the National League boys will get a couple of races against the likes of Smolinski, Barker and Starke etc which will be great for experience but then also they’ll have a few races at the level they’re probably more used to.

“We’ve put together a draft race card to ensure it looks pretty fair and I have to say, there’s some very exciting heats of speedway to come on Wednesday.

“There’s one where the top four riders in the meeting go head-to-head, but then there’s others that look very similar to the standard National League heat 13 or 15.

“So we’re in for a great night both on and off the track and we’ll be able to confirm who is riding for who on Tuesday.”

Fans are reminded that season tickets will not be available and admission has been set at Adults and Seniors £13, Children (6-16) £2, while kids five and under will be admitted for FREE. A special souvenir brochure is being produced for the event and will be available for £3 at the track.

A photo and autograph session with the riders is scheduled for 6.30pm and another reminder that the brand new owners of Birmingham Speedway will be unveiled during the interval of the meeting.

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