Wednesday September 27, 2017
Birmingham Speedway will be staging the `Tony Mole Farewell Meeting` on Wednesday 11th October 2017, when the Birmingham `Surestop` Brummies entertain the Coventry Bees.

Birmingham Speedway are selling `Heat Sponsorships` for all 15 heats of this special `end of era` meeting at Perry Barr, which will be the last meeting of the 2017 season.

The meeting will be staged to honour the immense achievements in Speedway of present day Brummies founder Tony Mole, who is retiring from Speedway promoting after 30 years.

Tony brought Speedway back to Birmingham in 2007 after 23-year absence. He took the club into the then Elite League in 2011 and has recently overseen two National League championship wins.

He has also promoted at scores of other tracks across the UK and has helped revive the sport in a number of locations.

Birmingham Speedway are offering for sale all 15 heat sponsorships for the final meeting of the 2017 season to sponsors, fans or groups of fans for just £60 per heat.

This offer gives fans the opportunity, by sponsoring a heat, the chance to have an ever-lasting and great momento of both the 2017 Birmingham Speedway season and to pay tribute to Tony by having your name in the official match programme next to the heat sponsored.

Fans will also have the opportunity to pay tribute to Tony elsewhere in the match programme by sponsoring a heat.

Please contact by mobile: 07818 033766 or email: commercial@birminghambrummies.co to secure your heat sponsorship or for more details.

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