Wednesday September 06, 2017
BIRMINGHAM boss Graham Drury conceded his side's play-off dream is over after a 51-39 home defeat to Kent.

The Surestop Brummies suffered a second straight loss at Perry Barr and slipped out of the league's top four as a consequence.

It was a tough night all round for the reigning Champions who failed to register a single heat advantage - much to the frustration of their team manager.

Said Drury: "We built this up as a must win meeting and to lose how we did with little fight and desire from certain areas of the team was beyond disappointing.

"Kent were more fired up than we were, they were more hungry for the win and for the first real time, I didn't see much spirit or belief from the side from the get go.

"Particularly early doors, we were second best away from the tapes and gating was always going to be imperative against a strong looking side like Kent.

"I really do feel for the fans because this was a big occasion for us tonight - and unfortunately the team didn't deliver the goods.

"Liam Carr rode tremendously well once again, Tom Bacon had a good night and Jack (Parkinson-Blackburn) was steady - but that was about it really.

"In the three years we've been in the National League, I can't recall a night at Perry Barr where we haven't recorded a heat advantage and that tells you everything you need to know.

"It might not be mathematically over just yet, but even the most optimistic of Birmingham supporters will feel like our chances are dead and buried now.

"It would take a phenomenal sequence of results to go in our favour and tonight has been a huge blow.

"It's disappointing to end on such a low note with two, rare consecutive home defeats but I hope our supporters don't remember our season just for these two meetings.

"We've overcome plenty of obstacles this year and to stay in contention for the play-offs into September has taken a remarkable effort from the many riders who have ridden for Birmingham this year.

"This year just obviously wasn't meant to be but I believe we can hold our heads high overall."

Birmingham head to Plymouth for their final league fixture a week on Friday (September 15) before staging The Tony Mole Farewell at Perry Barr on Wednesday, October 11.

BIRMINGHAM 39: Liam Carr 14, Tom Bacon 10, Jack Parkinson-Blackburn 7, Layne Cupitt 2+2, David Mason 2+1, Jamie Halder 2+1, Taylor Hampshire 2.

KENT 51: Luke Bowen 12+1, George Hunter 11+2, Jack Thomas 9+2, Ben Hopwood 9+1, Dan Greenwood 5+2, Anders Rowe 3, Bradley Andrews 2+1.

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