Wednesday July 19, 2017
BIRMINGHAM produced a solid team performance to return to winning ways with a 51-39 success over Stoke at Perry Barr.

After a frustrating defeat at Mildenhall on Sunday, the Surestop Brummies welcomed Tom Bacon, David Mason and Layne Cupitt back to their side who all made their mark on a much improved showing.

And despite Stoke No.1 Mitchell Davey roaring to a faultless 15-point maximum, the Brummies successfully dealt with the rest of the Potters to send their Midlands rivals home empty handed.

Birmingham boss Graham Drury said: "The main thing tonight was that we added three more points to our tally and the lads went out there and did just that.

"After Heat 1 when Jack Parkinson-Blackburn had mechanical gremlins and Heat 2 when Taylor Hampshire packed up while leading the race by a country mile, I did think to myself 'oh I really hope it's not going to be one of those nights.'

"But you couldn't really fault too much after that and while Tom Bacon had some machinery issues once again, you have to feel for him because he and his pit crew are working overtime and right now they're not fully reaping the rewards.

"But overall it was an entertaining night at Perry Barr and they're another three important points."

In-form teen Taylor Hampshire romped to full double figures for a fourth successive meeting in another breathtaking display from the recent recruit.

Captain Jack Parkinson-Blackburn recovered from a fuel problem in his opening ride to creep into double figures himself ahead of his Speedway Grand Prix Academy experience at Cardiff's Principality Stadium on Friday.

Liam Carr and David Mason both secured two race wins apiece while Tom Bacon rode remarkably well when he wasn't let down by clutch problems in heats nine and 15.

Layne Cupitt deserved even more points for his efforts than the four he managed while guest reserve Lewis Whitmore was able to walk away from an awkward looking spill in his final outing.

The Surestop Brummies return to action next Wednesday when the Isle of Wight are the visitors at Perry Barr.

BIRMINGHAM 51: Taylor Hampshire 11+2, Jack Parkinson-Blackburn 10, Liam Carr 9+1, David Mason 8+1, Tom Bacon 7+1, Layne Cupitt 4+1, Lewis Whitmore 2.

STOKE 39: Mitchell Davey 15, Tony Atkin 9, Paul Burnett 5+1, Ryan Terry-Daley 4, Luke Priest 3, David Wallinger 2+2, Shaun Tedham 1.


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