Wednesday July 18, 2007
BRUMMIES leapt into the Premier League's top six with victory over Workington in a Perry Barr thriller - with skipper Jason Lyons the hero.

When Comets duo Kauko Nieminen and Carl Stonehewer flew from the start in Heat 15, they looked set to snatch their team a draw on the night and also set up a run-off for the aggregate point.

But Lyons threw everything at Stonehewer and finally moved into the crucial second place on the third lap to ensure the Brummies took all three points from the meeting.

The two teams proved to be very evenly-matched, and the Comets actually provided nine heat winners to the Brummies' six.

But a 5-1 to the home side over James Wright as early as Heat 3 proved pivotal - as did a mechanical failure for the Comets' Charles Wright in Heat 8 which delayed his partner Chris Johnson and allowed home debutant Manuel Hauzinger through for a win.

Hauzinger scored in every ride on an impressive first showing at Perry Barr, and Ulrich Ostergaard recovered from a sluggish start to post vital wins in Heats 10 and 13.

Lyons overtook James Wright going into the last lap of Heat 12 for another extra point which turned out to be important, and the four-point lead the Brummies held at that stage proved to be just enough.

BIRMINGHAM: Jason Lyons 13, Ulrich Ostergaard 9+1, Manuel Hauzinger 8+2, Emiliano Sanchez 6, Lee Smart 4+2, Jon Armstrong 3+1, Ben Powell 3.

WORKINGTON: Carl Stonehewer 14, Kauko Nieminen 13+1, James Wright 8, Chris Johnson 5, Charles Wright 4+1, John Branney 0, Craig Branney r/r.

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