Sunday July 08, 2007
BIRMINGHAM just missed out on a place in the Premier League Fours final at Peterborough on Sunday afternoon after pushing Rye House all the way in their qualifying group.

Isle of Wight won group B with 16 points, but it was very much nip and tuck between the Brummies and the Rockets for the second place spot in the last couple of races.

Jason Lyons and Ulrich Ostergaard had completed their rides with 5 points apiece from their two rides, but Rye House had the stronger finish and just edged it with a final total of 13 against Birmingham’s 11.

Workington finished in last place in the group with 8.

In group A Kings Lynn came out on top with 16 and were joined in the Grand Final against the Islanders and the Rockets by Somerset who scored 15.

In the Final Isle of Wight proved to be runaway winners with an emphatic victory with 38 points. Somerset with 22 just edged out Kings Lynn (21) for the runners-up spot. Rye House were fourth with 15.

It’s proved to be a good week or so for the Islanders as today’s Fours success follows up their recent Premier League Pairs win at Somerset.

KINGS LYNN 16 (Daniel Nermark 5, Tomas Topinka 4, Chris Mills 4, Paul Lee 3), SOMERSET 15 (Magnus Zetterstrom 4, Emil Kramer 4, Ritchie Hawkins 4, Jordan Frampton 3), GLASGOW 11 (Craig Watson 5, Shane Parker 3, David McAllan 3, Lee Dicken 0, Robert Ksiezak 0), SHEFFIELD 6 (Ben Wilson 4, Andre Compton 1, Joel Parsons 1, Paul Cooper 0, Ricky Ashworth 0)

ISLE OF WIGHT 16 (Jason Bunyan 6, Chris Holder 5, Krysztof Stojanowski 4, Glen Phillips 1), RYE HOUSE 13 (Steve Boxall 5, Tai Woffinden 3, Chris Neath 3, Adam Roynon 2, Tommy Allen 0), BIRMINGHAM 11 (Jason Lyons 5, Ulrich Ostergaard 5, Emiliano Sanchez 1, Jon Armstrong 0, Ben Powell 0), WORKINGTON 8 (James Wright 3, Craig Branney 3, Carl Stonehewer 2, Charles Wright 0)

ISLE OF WIGHT 38 (Chris Holder 12, Jason Bunyan 9, Glen Phillips 7, Cory Gathercole 7, Krysztof Stojanowski 3), SOMERSET 22 (Magnus Zetterstrom 8, Emil Kramer 6, Ritchie Hawkins 5, Jordan Frampton 3), KINGS LYNN 21 (Daniel Nermark 9, Tomas Topinka 5, Paul Lee 5, Chris Mills 2, Trevor Harding 0), RYE HOUSE 15 (Tai Woffinden 5, Steve Boxall 4, Adam Roynon 3, Chris Neath 2, Tommy Allen 1)

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