Thursday May 10, 2012
BIRMINGHAM returned to Perry Barr action for the first time in a month with a hard-earned four-point win over Peterborough.

The Selco Brummies gave themselves the perfect platform when a blistering opening put them 13-5 up after three races, but the match then became much tougher.

The visitors got back into the meeting with a series of race wins and then 4-2s, and it all boiled up to a tense finale.

The eight-point lead was cut to two after Heat 9, and a string of four shared heats followed, with Sebastian Ulamek superbly holding Grand Prix star Kenneth Bjerre at bay to win Heat 11.

Olly Allen responded in the next race for the Panthers and the score was 40-38 with two races to go, before the Brummies edged another couple of points ahead when Ben Barker won Heat 14 with Josh Auty salvaging third place from Michael Jepsen Jensen.

Auty again proved a force at reserve as Tomasz Piszcz struggled on his return, and the Brummies also had to contend with a heavy third-bend crash for Martin Smolinski in Heat 8, although the German happily walked away.

The Brummies needed a 5-1 from Heat 15 for maximum points from the meeting with the Panthers needing a 5-1 to draw, but both had to be content with a 3-3 as Bjerre won the race to confirm a point for his side ahead of Barker and Bjarne Pedersen.

Brummies co-promoter Graham Drury said: “We do have this tendency of getting an early lead and then letting the other team claw their way back into it, but I think tonight we’ve blown a lot of cobwebs away.

“I wouldn’t have taken two points after the first three heats, but as the meeting progressed I would have taken them! A win is a win and we have a good foundation to build on.

“Other than Tomasz, I think everyone had a good night with some ups and downs, and a big crash for Martin which we were pleased to see him get away from.”

BIRMINGHAM 47: Bjarne Pedersen 10+2, Ben Barker 10, Josh Auty 9+1, Sebastian Ulamek 8+1, Danny King 7+2, Martin Smolinski 3+2, Tomasz Piszcz 0.

PETERBOROUGH 43: Kenneth Bjerre 12, Jesper B Monberg 11, Olly Allen 7, Rene Bach 4+1, Michael Jepsen Jensen 4+1, Linus Sundstrom 4, Richard Lawson 1+1.

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