Thursday May 26, 2011
BIRMINGHAM Brummies are awaiting an injury report on Czech star Ales Dryml after a frightening crash at Peterborough on Thursday.

Dryml, who had put in a terrific performance on one of his old home tracks, came off worst in a three-man pile-up in Heat 14 involving team-mate Claus Vissing and Panthers’ Krzysztof Buczkowski, and he was taken to hospital after lengthy medical attention, complaining of shoulder pain.

With the Brummies unable to field a representative in the re-run, it ended their strong resistance which had seen them hold a four-point lead at the midway stage of the meeting thanks in chief to the efforts of Dryml and Ben Barker, who won both of his first two races.

The home side took a grip with back-to-back 5-1s in Heats 10 and 11, and managed to fend off serious damage in the next two races despite providing only one finisher with Kacper Gomolski and Troy Batchelor both taking falls.

Reserve Norbert Kosciuch was a constant threat to the Brummies, and he went from third to first in Heat 12 to preserve the home side’s lead – although he had already been disqualified from Heat 14 for his own crash before the major accident which followed.

After a lengthy delay, Buczkowski rode solo in the re-run for a 3-0 to the home side, and they duly wrapped up maximum points from the meeting through Batchelor and Nicki Pedersen in the final race.

Birmingham Speedway will issue an update on Ales Dryml as soon as we have the information available.

PETERBOROUGH 50: Nicki Pedersen 11+1, Krzysztof Buczkowski 10, Troy Batchelor 10, Linus Sundstrom 8+1, Norbert Kosciuch 9+1, Kacper Gomolski 2+2, Dakota North 0.

BIRMINGHAM 37: Ales Dryml 11+1, Ben Barker 10, Krzysztof Kasprzak 7, Daniel Nermark 6+1, Claus Vissing 2+2, Danny King 1, Kevin Wolbert 0.

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