Friday April 22, 2011
BIRMINGHAM were pushed all the way by Swindon in their thrilling 48-42 win over Swindon at Perry Barr on Friday.

Swedish star Daniel Nermark secured his best score in Brummies colours with 12 and skipper Krzysztof Kasprzak was the last heat hero to win the match after bouncing back from earlier misfortune.

The racing, once again, was sensational and Nermark had the edge over visiting top man Scott Nicholls in the last lap.

The close scoreline worked in Birmingham’s favour as Swindon were unable to nominate a rider for double points.

Heat 13 was the race of the night as Nermark and Nicholls traded places for the lead and it was the Brummies man who came through for the win.

Ales Dryml also worked hard for his 7+1 to keep Birmingham ahead in the first half of the meeting and Dudley Heathens star Adam Roynon did well as a guest with 5+1.

BIRMINGHAM 48: Daniel Nermark 12, Krzysztof Kasprzak 9, Ales Dryml 7+1, Ben Barker 7+1, Danny King 6, Adam Roynon 5+1, James Wright 4+2.

SWINDON 42: Scott Nicholls 14, Nicolai Klindt 11, Maciej Janowksi 9, Jesper B Monberg 5+1, Josh Grajczonek 2, Justin Sedgmen 1, Simon Stead R/R.

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